love is an elaborate tapestry
woven on an emotional loom
so many hopes and dreams
coloured with practicality

whenever you face your heart
without prejudice
and let the truth flow
and absorb your very being

then you will understand
art is the un speakeable
language of humanity
branded within us all

temperance unbound
the naked reality
shines through
in all universal glory

safety and precaution
wordly institutions
shatter forever
in the ambience

leaving us so dissillusioned
and wanting
can you feel this
as a human being ?

the universal justice
of balance prevails
the ebb and flow
of mortality becons

we are not mortals
we are soul mates to each other
unbridled by circumstance
whatever your synthetic heart dictates

forevermore the truth presides
un shakeable distinction
between dogma and reason
within all gothic souls

there is a god
that smiles
upon our union
you feel it too

no matter the notions
your dreams are real
live them as life
and behold me

i deny the world
you belong to me
together we thrive
and thats the bottom line


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