Cheesecloth Method

This is a very useful exercise for getting a head start on visualization .In some types of mental training visualization is desired to begin even the most basic attainment of any degree of awareness…let alone progression .

For those of you unaware of what a cheesecloth is … Cheesecloth is a thin material made of cotton, and it is traditionally used to press curds into a solid mass in cheese making. Cheesecloth is available in several varieties, depending on the type of weave and number of threads per square inch of fabric.There are many options for cheesecloth beyond the kitchen. It can be used in artistic projects and in purely practical ways.

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Basically the straining or separating of liquids from solids this exercise it is more of a separation and removal of emulsified characteristics of your systematic behavior .This can of course be applied to any ‘removal’ of adverse matter you choose to attach it to .. For example i recently quit smoking … for the 5th time 🙂 so i will use the smoking habit as my model for this explanation.Secondly if you are familiar with how an MRI scan works TAKING PICTURES OF THOUSANDS OF ‘SLICES’ this is the second visual effect to use. As you lie down you will imagine pulling the cheesecloth through your body from the top of your head ..all the way through until the sole of your feet ,the exit point .Myself i like to do this 3 times in succession ,each time i imagine the distance between the warp and the weft becoming tighter woven with each passing … and so a deeper cleansing pass is achieved with each one.As the cloth is ‘pulled’ imagine the ‘tar’ from the cigarettes becoming caught on the cheesecloth strands collecting en masse as you pull the cloth through your sinus, mouth ,throat descending ….collecting impurities as it continues …. By now you are getting the picture … as the cheesecloth exits from your body at the sole of your feet … imagine the weight of the cloth , full of impurities and imagine how much cleaner your body is as you consider the ‘weight’ of the removed tar.


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